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Explore SAP for Telecommunications

The telecommunications industry is in a time of intense transformation. Revenue from core communications services is stagnating, and there is increased pressure to roll out services beyond traditional offerings and deliver an engaging customer experience while continuing to focus on lowering operations costs.

Plan, Build, and Operate

Manage the network asset life cycle from investment planning, asset construction, deployment, operation and maintenance to retirement

  • Portfolio and Project Management
  • Intelligent Asset Management
  • Asset Operations and Maintenance
  • Mobile Asset Management
  • Field Service Management
  • Real Estate

Acquiring and Retaining

Deliver contextually relevant and personalized experiences across all channels and along the entire customer journey

  • Customer Insights
  • Generation and Engagement
  • Digital Commerce
  • Retail Store Management
  • Sales Execution
  • Omnichannel Customer Service

Fulfilling and Delivering

Reap the benefits of an intelligent, connected, transparent, and demand-driven supply chain for customer devices and network equipment

  • Demand and Supply Planning
  • Omnichannel Inventory and Order Response
  • Warehouse Management
  • Track & Trace and Logistics Networks

Billing and Settling

Enable new revenue streams through agile monetization for both innovative business-to-consumer and business-to-business (B2B) offerings

  • Planning and Analysis
  • Margin Assurance

Human Resources

Inspire your total workforce with engaging experiences designed to improve people performance and business results

  • Core Human Resources and Service Delivery
  • Talent Management and Learning
  • Payroll and Time & Attendance Management
  • Talent Acquisition
  • People Analytics

Challenges on the Horizon

Leading Telecommunications are facing new challenges amid digital disruption.

Digitalization requires that new services, customer demands, and optimized business processes are delivered faster than ever before.

Fierce competition means that new market entrants are driving increased margin pressure and speeding up the commoditization of traditional communications services.

Hyper-connectivity with 5G and cellular IoT networks brings a new battleground of sensor-based connectivity.

Innovative Telecommunications are prioritizing their strategic priorities to successfully address these challenges. By deploying new technologies to bring intelligence to their operations, focusing on the most profitable customers, delivering a personalized, engaging experience, and reinventing the business models they go to market with, Telecommunications are driving their digitalization.

Solutions tailored to your building products business

Forge a vision for a different kind of data-driven business by adopting technologies for Big Data,
mobility, autonomy, geo sensing, analytics, and 3D printing.

SAP S/4HANA is an intelligent, integrated ERP system

Address industry-specific requirements with proven best practices for 26 verticals and enable new business models as your marketplace evolves

Revolutionize business processes with intelligent automation — supported by artificial intelligence and robotic process automation

Make better decisions faster with embedded analytics, a conversational interface, and digital assistants

Meet your IT landscape goals with hybrid, cloud, and on-premise scenarios that share a consistent data model, code line, and user experience

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Learn how you can adopt industry best practices for your Oil and Gas company by using a proven technology framework. Achieve operational excellence in core financial and engagement management practices, and across your entire business.
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SAP's Value Proposition for Telecommunications Companies

SAP S/4HANA provides telecommunications companies with a proven framework to adopt industry best practices while attaining operational excellence across the full value chain.
Strategy enablement•
  • Accelerate creation of new business models
  • Compete effectively with OTT players
  • Enter new markets and geographical regions
  • Deliver services to new industries
  • Run live (SAP Digital Boardroom)
  • Reorganize on the fly
  • Achieve greater speed and agility
  • Reduce complexity and run simply
  • Manage risk and ensure compliance

Empowered employees
  • Establish finance as a partner for strategic decisions instead of just for "collecting numbers"
  • Increase productivity and user adoption through tailored user interfaces enabled by SAP Fiori UX

Business benefits
  • 10%–30% increased win rate at calls for proposal
  • 10%–20% increased work in hand
  • 10%–12% reduction in days outstanding
  • 10%–15% reduction in revenue loss due to stock-outs
  • 10%–12% reduction in total logistics cost

IT benefits and total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • Simplified user adoption on-site
  • Reduced data footprint
  • Elimination of many desktop clients
  • Lower testing costs
  • Simplified landscapes
  • Native integration

The Digital Transformation of Entertainment Parks

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