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SAP Analytics Cloud


All Analytics. All Users. One Product

SAP Analytics Cloud is a new generation of cloud analytics combining all capabilities – including planning, predictive analytics & business intelligence in a single-software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform. Customers can take advantage of a modern, intuitive user experience—and save time by planning, analyzing, predicting and collaborating in context


are able to reforecast within one week


able to close within three days


able to forecast within five percent accuracy

Planning & Analysis Challenges in the Digital Economy

  • Inability to discover true costs and key drivers of profitability
  • Inability to harvest insights from big data
  • Unable to augment financial analysis with artificial intelligence to create a more accurate forecast
  • Lack of confidence in plans and forecasts leading to time wasted validating and reworking data
  • Inconsistent modeling and planning processes across the organization
  • Not able to respond quickly to market disruptions, competition,

Smart Assist features Powered by Predictive Analytics

  • Understand the main business drivers behind your core KPIs, such as revenue, churn, and productivity
  • Interact with insights and explore hidden structures and relationships
  • Find the answer to business questions through intuitive charts and natural language
  • Quickly develop a clear understanding of intricate aspects of your business data
  • Click on a data point to get smart textual and visual insights
SAP Financial Planning & Analysis for S/4HANA Cloud Prebuilt content - Quick time to Value


  • Pre-built financial planning model tied to S/4HANA Cloud Business Elements (eg. Company Code, Functional Area, etc.)
  • Accelerators include: planning input templates, Actual v Plan reports, best practice allocations, and planning process flow


  • Pre-built set of analytical dashboards, key performance indicators, and reports
  • Accelerators include: Digital Boardroom scenario, Trend reports, Year-over-Year reports, option to leverage live data and KPI's


  • Best Practices to integrate financial results from S/4HANA Cloud into SAP Analytics Cloud, plus retract Plan data back into S/4HANA Cloud
  • Accelerators include integration content & best practice integration methodologies